A system approach to problem solving isn’t unusual. For thousands of years, mankind’s greatest triumphs – from building the pyramids to conquering space – have come about as a result of advanced systems thinking. Throughout time, the total system has always proven to be greater than the individual parts. National POS Systems has successfully applied advanced systems thinking in developing a multitude of electronic POS solutions.

What We Do

Established in 1980 (then known as T.E.C.), National POS Systems has progressed from the electronic cash register to integrated systems by adding value to leading worldwide POS manufacturers with the ‘local touch’. Local development includes hardware design and modifications, peripheral design and interfacing, in-house software development for back office stock management, accounting and data automation. Local & Wide Area Network implementation & a general IT partner to our clients.

Total Solutions

Today’s business, whether retail, food service operations, general merchandise, or any cash handling and information processing business, is faced with many common and individual operating complexities. A customised solution from National POS Systems will result in:

  • Accurate and fast point of sale processing;
  • Precise stock management;
  • Information to effectively analyse your business;
  • Automation of specific tasks, reducing error and labour cost.

The bottom line is greater management control over every facet of your operation. And that, of course, results in greater operating efficiency as well as more profitable business overall.


At National POS Systems , we execute work differently. As part of our internal quality assurance system we believe that implementing an integrated solution to our customers begins way before the order is taken.

That’s why our systems consultants are professional industry leaders with years of experience and part of a constant training program. From the first instance, you can be assured of a solution that will work for your operation. This is then followed by stringent internal pre-configuring, testing and liaisons with our customers to determine a customised implementation plan. Training is staged & begins well before installation either at the site or in our training room, this provides systems familiarity & resolves queries early, ensuring a professional change over. The result is a smooth systems installation with no initial downtime, immediate benefits and satisfied customer.


Service and support is the single most important factor at National POS Systems. We understand when something goes wrong with your POS system, the down time can not only be inconvenient but can cost you money, and even jeopardise your entire operation, so we have taken stringent measures to ensure our customers never have to realise the above by:

  • 7 day service and support;
  • Comprehensive maintenance plans that offer regular preventative calls-preventing problems before they occur, in turn saving money and downtime;
  • Structured comprehensive back-up routines specific to the application, ensuring loss of data never occurs to our customers;
  • Our field and workshop technicians are constantly trained to back-up and enhance any system we market;
  • We operate a state-of-the-art service management program, allowing us to monitor all customer activity and prioritise responses according to urgency;
  • Mobile communications is standard with all our staff, allowing for instant connectability;

Constant version upgrades – ensuring the latest technology is available to our clients for functionality & security. Additional services include: online modem & TCP/IP support, national coverage via accredited dealer network, licensed government scale certifier for scale stamping and verification. Most importantly, we believe in personal customer service and advice by qualified support staff. This service is available any time by telephone or onsite visits when required.

The Complete Service

Hardware, software, implementation, training, service and support is all under one roof – you need only dial one telephone number for immediate assistance. What could be simpler?

With over 100,000 POS systems installed Australia-wide, National POS Systems, the leading independent POS systems integrator stands true to its motto:

‘Global POS Solutions with the Local Touch’ Offering the complete service not only allows for a one stop solution, but makes our systems affordable and price competitive.

Our partners

  • HP Business Partner
  • Ingram Micro
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Datalogic
  • Toshiba
  • Sektor
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • MYOB
  • Intel
  • e-Way
  • BOQ Finance
  • Xero Developer
  • Zebra
  • Birch

The Future

National POS Systems will continue its philosophy of advanced systems thinking, ensuring our customers have the latest integrated POS solutions to maintain business efficiency and profitability. This will be achieved by utilizing the latest technology available and offering the highest level of service and support to you, our customer.

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